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“The Italian Greyhound” Devoted to IGs Worldwide Editors and Publishers: Lynne I. Ezzell


The Italian Greyhound’ 21st Century

by: Lilian S Barber (Noted I.G. Breeder, author and AKC judge) Hardcover ed.; contains over 250 photos
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The New Complete Italian Greyhound

by: Lilian S Barber (Noted I.G. Breeder, author and AKC judge) Hardcover, tons of photos of very nice examples of the breed
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Italian Greyhounds Today

by: Annette Oliver (British Author) Ringpress Books Ltd.
ISBN 0‐948955‐92‐9
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Baraka Book ‐ An English/Italian Sighthound Review


Discussion Lists

ITAL‐GREY‐L ‐ Italian Greyhound Discussion Group IGGY PLANET ‐ Italian Greyhound Forum

IGMEMBERSONLY  ‐ Discussion list run by, and for, IGCA members.
(Restricted to IGCA members, but not an official IGCA list)

Regional IG Clubs

Arizona                            Valley of the Sun Italian Greyhound Club

California                        Northern California Italian Greyhound Club

Maryland                        Mid‐Atlantic Italian Greyhound Club

Texas                                Italian Greyhound Club of Greater Houston


International IG Clubs

CANADA                            Italian Greyhound Club of Canada

DENMARK                       Italiensk Mynde

FINLAND                         Italian Greyhound & Cirneco dell’Etna Club of Finland

FRANCE                           Club Français du Petit Lévrier Italien

GERMANY                       IG section from Deutscher Windhundzucht

ITALY                                Circolo del Levriere Italiano

JAPAN                              Southern Tokyo Italian Greyhound Club

NORWAY                         Italiensk Mynde

RUSSIA                             Italian Greyhound National Club of Russia & Here too

SWEDEN                          Italian Greyhound Club of Sweden

UNITED KINGDOM      Italian Greyhound Club & Italian Greyhound Society UK


Canine Welfare / Responsible Pet Owner’s Organizations &  Clubs

AKC                                   American Kennel Club

NAIA                                 National Animal Interest Alliance

FCI                                    Fédération  Cynologique Internationale


IG Magazine Photo Database

Meticulously compiled database of all Italian Greyhounds pictured in the IG Magazine, courtesy of Angela Leonard and Joan Cooper! A‐Z index as Excel Spreadsheet through Nov 2011‐pdf .

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