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Benefiting the Italian Greyhound Health  Foundation

Judy Longhouse’s famous fundraising site! ‐ Lots of IG goodies that benefit the IGCA Health Fund and IGCA  Rescue!

Benefiting Italian Greyhound Club of  Americaigca pin

IGCA membership pins are available for purchase for all members in good standing for a price of $10. Additional pins may be ordered at the same time for $8 each.

(Lifetime membership pins will be sent to all members in the month of their 25th anniversary with IGCA. Please contact Marsha Pugh if you have any questions or would like more information.)

FIRST PIN ($10.00)   ADDITIONAL PINS ($8.00ea):

When you are ready to check out send a check or money order made payable to IGCA to: Marsha Pugh, IGCA Treasurer
PO Box 787
Hughesville, MD 20637