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The Large Gazehound Racing Association, (LGRA) recognizes IG’s as well as many other non‐whippet sighthound breeds. IG’s are eligible to compete for the GRC (Gazehound Racing Champion) title and Supreme GRC title. LGRA racing is 200 yard straight track sprint racing.

In addition, National Oval Track Racing Assoc (NOTRA) also recognizes IG’s. IG’s are eligible to compete for Junior Oval Racer (JOR), Senior Oval Racer (SOR), Oval Racing Champion (ORC) and Supreme ORC titles. NOTRA holds 300‐400 yard races on an oval track.

Please note that all IG/whippet racing is amateur racing only. Dogs compete only for titles and ribbons, not for money. Mostly though, they compete because they love to run! In LGRA and NOTRA race meets the dogs chase an artificial lure pulled by a small bamotor.

If you have not raced or coursed your IG before, the dog needs to practice running on the lure with other dogs prior to entering a race meet. Your dog must run without interfering with other dogs, or he will be disqualified and not allowed to race for one year. Dogs must

also have racing blankets with the approved LGRA/NOTRA colors/numbers and must run muzzled. Dogs must be registered with LGRA and/or NOTRA prior to racing.

Contact the club nearest you for assistance with information on practices, blanket information, muzzles etc. Remember that all these clubs are run by volunteers, most of whom have very busy dog lives of their own. Be patient if it takes a few tries to reach one of them.

When you show up at a race meet, be prepared to learn, and be prepared to start pitching in and helping with setup etc. Start learning the procedures, and before you know it, you’ll be asked to “line judge” races that your dogs are not running in.

Good Sources of Information:

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Sighthounds Afield: The Complete Guide to Sighthound Breeds & Amateur Performance Events (With a Comprehensive Chapter on Adopted Ex‐Racing Greyhounds)

Denise Como. Available from


Check both the LGRA & NOTRA web sites for more information and event schedules. There is additional information on the NOTRA Other Breed Racing website.