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Available IG DNA  tests:

UC Davis: IG PRA­1, Enamel hypoplasia, Acute narrow angle  glaucoma

Optigen: IG PRA­1

Italian Greyhound & Other Canine Health Pages

AKC ‐ Canine Health Foundation
CERF ‐ Canine Eye Registry Foundation
OFA ‐ Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
CHIC ‐ Canine Health Information Center ‐ The Canine Health Information Center is a resource for breeders and others interested in the health of purebred dogs. Participating breed clubs (including IGCA) determine what is considered a minimum standard for health testing for their breed. Any dog that undergoes all the required testing will be listed in the database, regardless of the test results. ASPCA ‐ Animal Poison Control Center ‐ 24/7 National Hotline ‐ lists of common toxins

FDA ‐ Pet Food Recall Product List