Where to Get an IG

Where to Get an IG & Why

3dThe best places to get IGs are from responsible breeders or rescue service.

A responsible breeder’s primary concern is the health and well‐being of dogs they produce. They will be doing careful genetic research and heath testing before breeding a litter. IGs have a very limited gene pool so this  is very important. Many genetic issues won’t show up for 2‐6 years so heath testing and knowledge are required to minimize the chances of your dog developing PRA, idiopathic epilepsy, slipped patellas,

etc. Responsible breeders care about dogs of their breeding and want buyers to keep in touch with them, especially if a health issue arises.

Responsible breeders will be actively showing their dogs to be certain of breeding to the breed standard.

A responsible breeder would never advertise: WILL SHIP ANYWHERE. They know that a good measure of the success of a dog’s placement depends on hands‐on follow‐up counseling. Responsible breeders are loathe to send a dog out of their area unless they have someone they personally know and trust in the buyer’s area to provide hands‐on counseling. References only from a vet or friends and bank statements would NOT be enough.

You should meet the breeder in person to verify that their dogs are properly cared for. Check with heath testing registries (CERF, OFA) to see if their dogs really are health tested. They should be able to show you how to brush teeth and groom nails with a grinder and to help you teach your dog to accept this type handling.

Responsible rescue reps are also primarily concerned with the dogs well‐being and will not be sending dogs out of their immediate areas for the same reasons stated above. They will do follow‐up visits to be sure that you are comfortable with doing teeth and nails and to help you with any training issues that might arise.

The original source of rescue dogs is usually commercial breeders who sell direct via the internet or through pet stores and inexperienced backyard breeders. By purchasing dogs directly from pet shops, commercial breeders or backyard breeders you are contributing to the problem of dogs being bred without heath testing or concern for their well‐being.

Rescue reps take on the responsibility of re‐homing dogs bred by irresponsible breeders.

The internet has been a boon to irresponsible breeders as a profitable outlet for puppy sales. They can be very deceptive in their advertising, presenting themselves as caring breeders, lying about heath testing, saying they take dogs back or will help you re‐home them. Offers of a year long health guarantee are meaningless when it comes to genetic issues that don’t show up for 2‐6 years. Even when they know their dogs produce genetic problems, they can get away with continuing to breed because the puppies won’t show the problem until the guarantee is expired. Many now are active in showing their dogs to give the inexperienced buyer the impression of responsibility.  You must do your research!

Buying a Purebreed Dog

For IGCA Member Breeder Referrals go to our Breeder Referrals page.

While all IGCA members are required to sign the Code of Ethics, it serves primarily as a guideline for breeders, with No Warranty Expressed or Implied by IGCA. When researching breeders it is the consumer’s responsibility to personally verify information received on health testing, condition dogs are maintained in, references, etc.

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