Care and Training

Care and Training

Some Basic Supplies for IGs

List compiled by Tia Resleure

Coat or Jacket ‐ the best attire for IGs will have a curve to match their top line and will not restrict their natural free shoulder movement. Anything with sleeves tends to be restrictive of their movement.  Be aware that many knit sweaters will slide down an IG’s back with the grain of the fur. Check out our Links & Resources and Merchandise pages for IG specific coats.

Collars, Leads & Safety ‐ Since IGs tend to have long tapered necks and heads regular buckle collars are not recommended. These can be slipped out of and can get caught on things and strangle your dog.

For daily wear with ID tags, a canine breakaway collar is recommended, but should not be used for walking.   A martingale collar, a slip collar, or a well fitted buckle hound collar is safest for walking. A good width for leads and the take‐up portion of the martingale is 1/4 ‐ 3/8″. If your IG is very oversized, 1/2″ width is fine. Some manufacturers that primarily do martingales for larger sighthounds overdo the hardware, take‐up portion and lead size.

Harnesses encourage dogs to pull, are a sign of amateur pet ownership and fail to give the dog signals that  he can understand. Of course, if your IG has a genetically defective, weak trachea (a condition I’ve never  heard of in IGs) or a specific neck injury, you will need to use a harness.

Head halters are a sign of amateur pet ownership and fail to give the dog signals that he can understand. Many dogs will mouth other dogs heads to show dominance but this is not done constantly, which would be the effect on a dog wearing a head halter.

Flexi leads encourage dogs to pull, desensitize the dog’s neck to normal corrections (when utilizing the retractability feature) and have become such a public nuisance and danger that many municipal parks no longer allow dog on leads longer than 6 feet. Dogs that have gotten away from their owners while wearing Flexi leads have been very spooked by the Flexi lead handle that is “chasing” them.

Be a responsible pet owner and teach your IG to walk nicely on lead!

Electric Nail Grinder ‐ For maintaining your  IGs  nails  for  their  health  and  safety.  Nails should  be  groomed before they look like they need grooming. That would make regular nail trimmers and clippers useless unless you have allowed the nails to overgrow. The Dremel Lithium Ion Cordless, available at hardware and craft stores, is my favorite tool for nail grooming.

Small Dog or Cat Tooth Brush ‐ and flavorless or mint flavored paste or gel. for daily home care.

Crate ‐ A plastic dog kennel is safest for travel and gives the dog a greater sense of security (than a wire kennel) for crate training and feeding. The crate should be cozy, recreating a den environment) and is not intended for extended confinement, isolation, punishment or to potty in. The #200 (medium) Vari‐Kennel is   a popular size for the average sized IG.

Exercise Pen ‐ with a top is the safest way to confine your IG if you are gone for long hours. 24″ high is fine. Configure the pen to your needs.  4′ x 4′, 2′ x 4′, and 2′ x 6′ are popular configurations.  Your dog’s crate can  be attached to the outside of the ex‐pen to give more room. Measure carefully before cutting an opening. A Linoleum scrap under the pen will protect floors. Allow 12″ extra lino around the pen for floor protection. Tip: Do not lift your IG in and out, over the top of the pen. That would be teaching him an escape route. Always have your IG walk through the door on the side on the pen.   When some IG’s learn to jump over   pens and gate many people make the mistake of making the sides higher. This would be a longer fall for the IG who attempts it.