Maturity Rules


The Maturity involves the same dogs that compete in the Futurity, after they have had a year to grow up. It gives the breeders a chance to further prove that their breeding programs produce sound, adult Italian Greyhounds. The Italian Greyhound Club of America National Maturity will be held in conjunction with the designated Italian Greyhound Club of America national specialty.



1. To encourage and provide incentive and opportunity to owners of those Italian Greyhounds who have been kept eligible to compete in a given year’s national show Futurity to meet and compete once again one year later on an elite, prestigious National level as mature specimens of the Italian Greyhound breed.

2. To encourage and provide incentive to breeders to give prime consideration to improving the Italian Greyhound by planning their breeding programs to conform to the Italian Greyhound standard and its intent.


1. Nomination Fee:

a. It is the sole responsibility of the breeder(s)/owner(s) to pay all forfeits, and to send the to the Futurity/Maturity Administrator within the limits outlined in the rules.

b. The nomination must be accompanied by a forfeit of $10.00.

c. Exception: An Italian Greyhound, not made eligible by its Breeder for the Maturity, i.e., non-payment of the $10.00 registration forfeit for entire litter, but kept eligible for the Futurity, may be made eligible for the Maturity by the owner with a payment of a forfeit to the Italian Greyhound Club of America of $10.00 prior to the day the dog/bitch becomes twelve (12) months of age.

2. Entry:

a. An Italian Greyhound to be eligible to compete on the day of the Maturity must have remained eligible to compete in their respective Futurity.

b. All Italian Greyhounds entered in the Maturity have to be entered in one of the regular or non-regular confirmation classes provided by the national specialty show.

3. Entry Fee:

a. The “additional entry fee” for the Italian Greyhound Club of America’s national specialty show will be the entry fee required to accompany the submitted entry form for the national specialty show.

b. The space provided for “additional classes” must be marked “Maturity-Dog or Bitch.

4. Further Requirements:

a. The Maturity program is open to all AKC registered or AKC recognized foreign registered Italian Greyhounds, whose owner(s) and/or co-owner(s) are members in good standing with the Italian Greyhound Club of America. Any member with an outstanding balance owed to the IGCA may not compete in any IGCA event until the balance is paid in full.

b. At the time of competition, ownership will be determined by the same conditions affecting entries as required by the AKC.

c. For the purpose of eligibility for the Maturity, any change in ownership of the dog/bitch must be submitted to the AKC or AKC recognized foreign registry prior to the closing of entries. A copy of the AKC Registration certificate or AKC recognized individual foreign registration certificate must be on file prior to the Maturity being paid.

d. IMPORTANT: It will be the sole responsibility of each and any new owner to notify the Futurity/Maturity Administrator of any change of ownership of any eligible Italian Greyhound and to provide a copy of the AKC Registration Certificate or AKC recognized foreign registration certificate showing the new ownership.


No professional handlers will be allowed to exhibit a dog/bitch in the Maturity.


The person selected to judge the national specialty show Futurity will also judge the Maturity. It shall be the prerogative of the owners of the Maturity nominated dogs and bitches to nominate the Maturity Stake judge.

Step One:

Upon notification by the Futurity/Maturity Chairman, six months, more or less, prior to the Futurity/Maturity Stake, the owner of each nominated dog(s) or bitch(s) may nominate one person for the Futurity/Maturity Stake judge.

Step Two:

Each eligible breeder shall receive, one month, more or less, from the deadline for nominations, a ballot listing all persons nominated as set forth above. Each eligible breeder shall vote for five candidates listed in order of preference, i.e., first, second, third, etc. This ballot will be sent back to the Futurity/Maturity Chairman.

Step Three:

The candidate receiving the highest total number of points (a vote of first choice receiving 5 points, second receiving 4 points, etc.) in the votes cast shall then be declared the Futurity/Maturity Stake judge for that particular year. In the event the number of dogs entered requires a second judge, the candidate receiving the second highest total number of points shall judge the bitch classes only. Should the first choice Futurity/Maturity judge not be able to judge, the second choice will be contacted. When the ballots for selection for a judge are tallied and a tie for first place has resulted, the Futurity/Maturity Chairman shall determine who will be the judge for that particular Futurity.

During the nominating and voting period, the Futurity/Maturity Chairman will not disclose names of Futurity/maturity breeders. No voting information will be disclosed until all voting is closed in accordance with a specified deadline date. At that time, the participants will be notified of the voting outcome.

Ballots which are incomplete, incorrect, unsigned or exceed the deadline date will be considered invalid. Persons nominated as the Futurity/Maturity Stake Judge do not necessarily have to be an AKC licensed Italian Greyhound judge, but must be in good standing with the AKC and an IGCA member.

Any person(s) elected to judge a Futurity/Maturity Stake, who has nominated a litter(s) for that same Futurity/Maturity Stake, or who has an immediate member of his/her family with a nominated litter(s), automatically voids the competition of that litter(s) in that same Futurity/Maturity Stake. Any monies paid by the person(s) to the Futurity/Maturity Stake are refundable due to the conflict of interest.

Any Maturity nominated puppy who, by virtue of its placement in the Maturity, could result in a monetary prize to the judge would be ineligible for competition at that Maturity. A refund of all fees for that Maturity ineligible dog(s) or bitch(s) will be made due to the conflict of interest. Nominators must apply to the IGCA Futurity/Maturity Chairman for this refund prior to the close of entries.


1. Classes will be divided by sex only.

a. The Judge will begin with all eligible dogs The placements will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The first place dog will be Best Dog in Maturity.

b. The Judge will then continue with all the eligible bitches. The placements will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The first place bitch will be Best Bitch in Maturity.

c. Following this, the judge will award the ribbons and prizes/trophies of this particular occasion as a tribute to the importance of both.


1. The monies collected from the initial litter registration forfeit, as well as late penalty fees, will be considered the Breeders’ Contribution and will be held in a separate account by the Italian Greyhound Club of America.

2. The IGCA will retain 35% of the Breeders’ Contribution to cover costs.

3. One quarter of the total remainder of the Breeders’ Contribution will be joined to the entry fees collected for the Maturity to be awarded to the owner(s) of the four placements in dogs and bitches.

4. No monies will be held over from one Maturity to the next.

5. The available monies will be divided one-half for dogs and one-half for bitches, to be awarded to the owner(s) of the winning Italian Greyhound in the following manner:

1st Place Dog or Bitch: 40%
2nd Place Dog or Bitch: 30%
3rd Place Dog or Bitch: 20%
4th Place Dog or Bitch: 10%