IGCA Versatility Program, What Is It?

IGCA Versatility Program, What Is It?

In August, 1998, IGCA voted to implement the Versatility Program. One need not be an IGCA member to participate; but your dog must be an Italian Greyhound.

Through this program IGCA recognizes the achievements of conformation and performance dogs/owners with a point schedule for titles earned, providing a Certificate Award when achievement levels have been met. The emphasis is on versatility, the ability of dog and owner to do a variety of things, not the same thing over and over. IGCA intends to announce the past year’s Certificate winners at the Annual IGCA Specialty in August; however, if the list is extensive or me does not allow, the list will be published in the minutes of that meeting. Since the November/December issue of The Italian Greyhound magazine is the Performance issue, a list of the year’s Certificate winners will be published there, as well.

Please note, information submitted as proof of titles will not be returned.

IGCA Versatility

You can also request a copy of the Versatility Program Rules by sending a 9″ x 12″ self‐addressed envelope with $.55 postage to:

IGCA Versatility Program
Terri Jones
e‐mail: SnoopyRockyMom@gmail.com
tel: 732-261-3587