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Dear Italian Greyhound Lovers Everywhere,

This message came through the IGCA Rescue Rep list on Saturday, September 2nd:

Thank you all so very much for all the offers of help that have come in. If we have missed a personally sent email, text, or FB message, we apologize and want all to know that every single outreach for assistance is so greatly appreciated.

As of right now, we have our urgent foster re-homes taken care of. We may need foster help in the coming weeks as we suspect we may start to get surrender requests as people come to realize the magnitude of their situations. What has happened here is just indescribable.

All of our foster iggies are safe and accounted for. Our focus at this time, is bringing our huge village together to help our IG volunteer family members who have done so much for the iggies in Rescue. We have one confirmed family with total loss, one that will be close to total loss, a few with major damage, and some with minor damage. Some with no flood insurance.

Megan Broom put a WishList together for the impacted families. She will be gathering the items to send over with the pilot who will be transporting some of our fosters back to the Gulf Coast states. Please share it, so we can get these families on the road to recovery as soon as possible =)

Kindest Regards,
Tammy Gallagher
IGCA Rescue Rep-Central and Northern Texas
Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation, Inc.

As you all know ….parts of Texas have been devastated by the recent hurricane. Houston is one of the major hubs of our IGCA Rescue program. Your help would be so deeply appreciated!!!!!!

Judy Longhouse
Italian Greyhound Rescue


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